Environmental compliance

Brand Engineering is experienced in developing, managing and adhering to environmental compliance standards and requirements.

Sustainability plays a critical role in today’s business operations, and we are committed to carrying out our electrical construction services in a manner which supports our customers’ vision to respect the environment and provide sustainable value.

Sustainable design – green building

Incorporating green building practices falls within our scope of wide-ranging electrical engineering capabilities. Green construction principles can be applied to existing and new constructions, from incorporating energy-efficient electrical installations to energy optimisation and the construction of renewable energy sources.

Reducing impact


As an enterprise that contributes to the expansion of the built environment, our approach to environmental accountability includes assessing and identifying environmental aspects or hazards associated with our services. We are dedicated to create awareness of environmental principles and policies among our employees and see to it that they are adhered to.

Comprehensive environmental aspect analysis, hazard identification, risk assessment and impact analysis studies provide the necessary information to establish measures to reduce any adverse effects.

This includes:

  • Assessment of risks involved in activities, materials and processes employed
  • Controlling, minimising and/or eliminating risks relative to the prevention of damage to the environment
  • Protecting the health and safety of our employees, customers and communities

By implementing innovative engineering solutions comprising detailed planning at every stage, we strive to enhance our ability in providing services in accordance with sustainable business practices.

“We aim to always act in the best interest of our customers and those affected by our projects.”

Renewable energy projects