Brand people – more than employees

Brand Engineering’s employees are qualified and experienced, and you can expect the highest level of skills from our electrical engineers, technicians, quality assurance/control personnel, supervisors, electricians, artisans, administrative and project personnel.

With our culture of continuous improvement, we take great pride in the unfailing professionalism that our staff always display, on-site and off-site.

Employee wellbeing

The wellbeing of our employees is of the utmost importance, as our capable workforce is our most valuable asset. We are grateful for the good reputation they have earned for the company through the integrity of their conduct and their commitment to technical brilliance and quality work.

Workplace safety

Working in our industry means that employees may find themselves in potentially dangerous situations. Brand Engineering is devoted to providing a safe working environment as far as possible and this includes training employees on relevant safety and emergency procedures. Our health and safety policies are implemented through our SHEQ management system, as communicated to all our employees.

Investing in people

Investing in our employees by facilitating skills expansion and training courses, we strive to be instrumental to the social development of our people and to provide opportunities for each staff member to advance in their career and improve their position.

Focus on local employment

With Brand Engineering’s widespread national and cross-border activities, our focus is always on employing local workers wherever our projects are located. Transferring and developing skills are part of our commitment to the people we employ, whether permanent or on a project-basis.