“Co-ordination capabilities, technological expertise, high class workmanship and an ethos of integrity have geared us to take on very diverse projects.”


Doing it right – from the start

Doing it right – from the start

Whether you require a full turnkey solution or simply need an expert to assist with some aspects of your project, our services are flexible and can be provided as a component of the total project or as a stand-alone assignment.

“By working closely with our customers, we make sure that installations are practical, cost-effective and completed on time.”

From concept to completion

We deliver a comprehensive range of electrical services, undertaking all aspects of electrical works from the design stage through to commissioning and maintenance. Each project is approached systematically, following a co-ordinated strategy with five primary project stages.


Project stages



Our project engineering service is devoted primarily to customer liaison, advisory and verification services for the project. This process involves the customer from the tender stage to final handover. This phase focuses on all aspects of installation, quality control, testing and commissioning and its objective is to prepare the works for full operational functionality in accordance with global standards and regulations.



Planning is the process where we set goals, develop strategies and outline tasks and schedules for each project. We define a customer’s goals and objectives and collect and analyse the information needed to justify the budget and required resources. Brand Engineering believes in involvement and interaction between all parties concerned. At this stage, we also define each party’s specific role as well as the technology and resources needed to complete the work and meet customer expectations. Quality, safety and environmental aspects are discussed in detail during the planning stage.



Brand Engineering has built ongoing long-term relationships with trusted service providers that operate according to our value system. We negotiate directly with them to ensure and maintain our quality standards throughout all project stages. After the relevant directives have been specified, we proceed to procure materials and services from them.



During this stage, our managers outline the steps to be taken to complete the project and meet customer objectives. We follow our planning strategies and if need be introduce more planning tactics. These plans are communicated throughout the organisation. We continuously verify installation standards and regulations. Progress is measured daily to ensure that the correct materials are used in accordance with our quality assurance criteria.



After installations are completed, we follow a systematic process of inspection, testing, commissioning and monitoring to ensure that the new system performs and interacts as intended and, most importantly, function according to the customer’s goals and objectives. During this stage, we also train customer staff and provide them with all relevant documentation.


Procedures and principles

Integral to Brand Engineering’s management approach are certain procedures and principles which have been central in maintaining our efficient service delivery in projects of all sizes, in diverse locations.

To ensure customer satisfaction at every stage of our project, we prioritise specific points of action:

  • Monitor actual progress against programme
  • Project resourcing
  • Quality assurance and control
  • Contract management
  • Cash-flow control
  • Service provider control
  • Industrial relations
  • Affirmative action programme, including development and training
  • Involve local business and labour, emphasising emerging companies
  • Safety, health, environment and quality (SHEQ) management