Brand Engineering strives to reduce energy consumption wherever possible. This is crucial given the dire power crisis South Africa is currently experiencing.”


Be energy efficient to work cost-effectively

Voltage optimisation and power factor correction services

When the electricity supply to your site provides a higher voltage level than what is needed or runs at a lagging power factor, it results in unnecessary energy consumption. Operating an inefficient power system not only wastes electricity, it wastes money. Brand Engineering capably implements power factor correction solutions and voltage optimisation to optimise your power usage, resulting in energy-efficient operations with reduced electricity costs and less impact on the environment.

Energy efficient lighting solutions

Installing lighting that consumes less electricity is becoming standard as people realise the benefits to their pocket and to the environment. With rising bills and energy demands, it makes business-sense to take advantage of the new advancements in lighting solutions. Brand Engineering installs quality products from leading suppliers to new developments and existing buildings and sites.