“With our independent emergency power generators and uninterrupted power systems, erratic power supply is a thing of the past. You are assured of an ongoing, stable power supply at all times.


Be prepared

Our country’s power grid is under increasing pressure as the demand for electricity increases with the expansion of infrastructure and the built environment.

The need for other independent power networks that guarantee stability and reliability is a reality and in industries such as the health sector, it is a crucial aspect. Loss of productivity is a thing of the past as generating your own power puts you in the power seat again.


Generators and UPS units

We design and integrate emergency/backup power generators upto 5 MVA and uninterrupted power systems (UPS) upto 1 MVA for essential  equipment and applications that need an unbroken energy supply.

Cost-saving advantages include the improvement of your power quality, as your network is protected from power surges as well as dips in voltage.