The complete package

Specialising in electrical, instrumentation and network installations, Brand Engineering is fully experienced and equipped with construction facilities to undertake installation contracts of any size throughout Africa. Our services include all aspects of design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of electrical systems for a wide range of industries and markets.

Brand Engineering also offers maintenance solutions and support on a long-term basis, with our trained engineering and maintenance personnel ensuring the smooth running of the entire plant or system. We know there’s no time for downtime in any business.

Turnkey contracting

When contacting Brand Engineering for full EPC turnkey projects, we subscribe to the FIDC Silver Book, providing complete design and build solutions.


We deliver subcontracting services according to JBCC, NEC 3, GCC and FIDIC practices with reference to the Red, Yellow and Silver book (eBOP).

Electrical installations

Brand Engineering’s across-the board experience includes all LV, MV, HV and electronic installations, electrical infrastructure and commissioning.

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Renewable energy

Brand Engineering is a highly experienced solar, wind and alternative energy facility contractor.

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Electronic installations

Delivering installation services that comply with all industry regulations and safety standards.

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Providing advanced instrumentation services to the industrial and marine sectors.

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