Community development

Beyond our company borders

Brand Engineering incorporates social awareness in our daily operations, meaning we have internalised our corporate responsibility to communities and to members of previously disadvantaged groups.

We stand fast in our belief of empowering people to rise above their circumstances, whatever it may be. We take our position as an enabler of people through to actions that result in positive change, ongoing development and better employment opportunities for all.

“We believe in sharing our knowledge and experience”


Powering people potential

Physically challenged individuals

Brand Engineering is a fair employer and knows that everyone, regardless of individual challenges, has the potential to be successful in their endeavours when given the opportunity to learn and the tools to develop their talents.

Physically challenged individuals are welcomed at Brand Engineering, as we provide an employment and training opportunity for people who are completing PIVOTAL training programmes. They can enjoy the opportunity to gain valuable experience during which we involve them in our daily operations and enable them to exercise their right to become active contributors to our economy.

“People are our most valuable asset”

Battling unemployment through skills development

Brand Engineering has a policy of employing individuals from local communities that fall within a 100km radius of project sites. This practice has created job opportunities for countless people from rural communities, where employment and skills are often scarce.

The focus is on employing mainly unskilled and unemployed people, who are then given onsite training with instruction facilitated by subject matter experts. Those who have shown potential are identified and mentored where they are further instructed in more specialised assignments. This involves being sent for basic training which aims to improve their employability once the project is complete. This includes courses in health and safety procedures as well as obtaining licencing for vehicles used in lifting operations.

Once a project is completed, a certificate is issued that confirms individuals’ training and skills – proving their competency. This improves their chances of securing future employment in the industry.