Getting things done for over 45 years – our standards tower above the rest.


Brand Engineering SA (Pty) Ltd – or simply Brand Engineering – is a prominent electrical contractor active in South Africa and the rest of Africa.

We’ve built a name that is synonymous with precision, professionalism and consistency by delivering our comprehensive electrical services to the construction and manufacturing sectors for more than 45 years.

We serve a range of industries, from government entities to blue-chip customers, mining companies and property developers. We can proudly say that we are the only electrical contractor in South Africa who has, to date, been commissioned for the electrical installation works of two Soccer World Cup stadia.

The Brand Engineering group has an expansive national presence, encompassing Brand Engineering SA and its BEE/empowerment companies, Besamandla (Western Cape) and Besamandla (Eastern Cape).


As an established electrical design/build company, Brand Engineering offers the latest in innovative technology, with sustainable solutions and products backed by reliable service and post-project support.

With professionally trained project management and production teams, skilled human resources, integrated processes, financial stability and a customer-focused approach, we bring projects to completion, on time and within budget in even the most challenging circumstances – without compromising on quality.

We continually develop and advance our thorough practical and technical expertise to comply with legislative demands, evolving customer needs and technological innovations.

“Our commitment to efficiency and integrity is at the core of consistently delivering maximum quality.”

External markets

Brand Engineering’s activities extend throughout Africa, from neighbouring countries such as Namibia and Malawi to more distant nationalities such as the Seychelles and Zambia. We have formed close partnerships with local companies in each of these external markets, which enable us to stimulate the local economy and become familiar with their country’s regulations.


Group structure


Brand Engineering SA (Pty) Ltd and its two empowerment companies, Besamandla (Western Cape) and Besamandla (Eastern Cape), form part of Brand Engineering Holdings, with Brand Engineering’s head office situated in Cape Town.